Ritchies Boonah Arts Festival

Presented by The Boonah & District Cultural Foundation Inc.

3-10 SEPTEMBER 2022

2018 Festival Award Winners


Touch of Class

Peta Somerville ‘Fairy Elegance’

Wearable Art

Jessica Kliese ‘Full Bloom’

Calico Creations

Jessica Hunsberger ‘ Almond Reverie’

Storybook Character

Crystal Hook ‘You’re Late for Tea’


Heather Reid ‘Colour Your Culinary Heart’

Kids in Calico

Freyja Gordon ‘Wonder from Wonderland’


Heather Reid ‘Large Sensory Clutch from the House of Annie P’


All stories to begin with ‘That was the last straw’

100-word story
Short story, open
Short Story Years 10-12
Short Story Years 4-6
Poetry Open
Bush Poetry Open


Youth Photography (High School)

Zia Mellican ‘Hidden Alley’


1st – Glen Smith ‘The Apartment Block’

2nd – Colleen Gardner ‘Blue and Gold’


1st – Janine Gibson ‘Tea-P’

2nd – Peter Holmes ‘Guardians of the Scenic Rim’



1st – Grant Quinn ‘Ipswich History’

2nd – Desmond Mellican ‘It’s a very Merry Christmas’


The Ritchies Boonah Arts Festival is about promoting the cultural heart of the community. It gives everyone an opportunity to display their talent in the art, writing, and fashion competitions, or on stage in lively and entertaining shows.


Get involved: onstage, backstage, social media, logistics, clerical, or general help. Make friends and contribute to the economic and social wellbeing of the community. It’s lots of fun.

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