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The Ritchies IGA Boonah Arts Festival
Presented by The Boonah and District Cultural Foundation Inc.

IGA 160 x 100

  • Fashion Awards

    Fashion and fun on the catwalk from the sublime to the ridiculous.

  • Red Rim Concert
    The Combined bands of Redlands and Boonah.
  • The Great Debate
    The Great Debate - clever, witty, hilarious.
  • Fassifern Voices
    The Fassifern Voices can raise the roof with a fantastic repertoire.
  • Youth Sowcase
    The Youth showcase - glittering, spectacular, fabulous kids with great talent.
  • Red Rim 2019

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Creative Kids

1st: designer & model, Freyja Gordon - Rainbow Party  

Fictional Characters 

1st: designer & model, Jess Lawrance - Queen of the Reef


1st: designer & model, Jo Williams - Vintage Romance 

2nd: designer & model, Gayle Van Der Veen - Grandmother's Doilies

Highly Commended: designer Iris Skinner, model Christine Titmarsh - 100 years of history

Touch of Class

1st: designer Jessica Hunsperger, model Rebecca Thompson - Rambling Rose Rendezvous 

2nd: designer Eden Ellmore, model Kodi Sawtell - Wool Spectacular

Highly Commended: designer Lacey Sawtell, model Meggan Gordon - Edged With Gold

Wearable Art   

1st: designer Lacey Sawtell, model Dakotah Scott - At the Movies 

Highly Commended: designer Eden Ellmore, model Charli Jensen - In the Raw     



2019 Festival Writing Awards Winners       

100-word story

1st prize - Who Are You? Who? Who? by Ange Pennell

2nd prize - Whose Granny Was She? By Pamela Fox

Highly Commended - Tainted Memory by Jennifer Brown

Highly Commended – Zealot by Angie Pennell

Short story, open

1st prize - Bechamel Sauce by Anne Andrew

2nd prize - Telling the Story of Truth by Kodi Sawtell

Youth Short Story:

1st prize - Mystical Magic by Brianna Swinton


1st place - Mixed not Matched by Julie Vellacott

Highly Commended -  Mix and Match by Brianna Swinton

Bush poetry:

1st prize - True Riches by Rae Tinworth

2nd prize - Les Palmered by Gayle Flynn



2019 Festival Art Awards Winners

 (Except for the "People's Choice" the comments are by the judge, Pauline Garner)


1st place - On the Road Again No 1 by Colleen Gardener

The control of composition and tone and the use of hard and soft edges on a small scale has been beautifully handled.

2nd place – The Silver Claret by Glenn Smith

A clever composition with lovely interactions between the shapes and a limited monochromatic colour palette. Simple and beautiful. 

 Mixed Media

1st place – Spirit of Life by Jason Skewes

This lovely subject has a very fine use of pastel. The vulnerability of the subject was captured with feeling and empathy.

2nd Place – That Smirk by Lee Stumer

A very striking facial form with a lovely presentation.

H/C - Pretty in Pink by Gayle Van Der Veen

A beautifully constructed piece showing good technique.


1st place – Leo & Kitty by Christine Parry

A lovely fluent and moody painting possessing expressive brushwork while maintaining control of the perspective and form.

2nd place – Autumn by Lyn Condon

This is a fresh portrayal of a natural scene with the shapes and colours combining to make a pleasing image.

H/C – Emu Gully by Ann Window

My eye wandered around this composition finding many areas of interest. Compelling storytelling on a grand scale.


1st place – Corroded by Leon Chester

An interesting composition. I admired the rich tonality and variety of textures which blended with the background while retaining a depth of field and atmosphere.

2nd place – Tanya by Grant Quinn

This image really popped as a slice of reality in such a way that it left me wondering about the subject and the story. Nice composition and cropping. The eye was led on an interesting textural journey.

H/C – One Day Closer To Rain – Peter Van Der Veen

This series of photos really captured a sense of time spent contemplating a place. It conveys distinct emotions which is enhanced by the window framing.


1st place – Old Bull by Justin Allan

A purely representational sculpture showing textures and a good understanding of balance and form.

2nd place – Cruisin’ the Scenic Rim by Darryl Gillum

A humorous sculpture which tells a story. I can see this in many iterations, perhaps even on a larger scale.

H/C- Pelican by Nadine Baldwin

A lovely small sculpture showing control of the medium and a restrained but considered composition.


1st Place – The Snow Gum by Marjorie Tate

This beautiful painting has a lovely subtle limited colour palette and is well constructed in its use of tones and temperature. 

 2nd Place Hidden Rainbow by Nika Norman

This watercolour is creatively handled allowing the viewer to explore the flow of shapes with hard and soft blending with a pleasing balance of colour.


Youth (High School)

1st place - The Beauty of Women by Hayley Clements

2nd place – Eagle by Grace Treloar

H/C - Hakuna My Zaza by Lilly Pennell  

Youth (Primary School)

1st place - Simple Days by Leiah Moyle

2nd place - Blue Night by Tyler Costin              

H/C - Cartoon Punk Girl by Aria O’Carrigan 

People’s Choice

Leo & Kitty by Christine Parry

This was a close-run competition with 2 other entries being pipped at the post by the lions.