Ritchies Boonah Arts Festival

Presented by The Boonah & District Cultural Foundation Inc.

3-10 SEPTEMBER 2022

2022 Festival Award Winners


Judge: Maxine Johnson

First Time Youth Entrant Award

Atlantis Princess by Natassia Hornby



1st:  Graduation Upgrade modelled by Jo Williams and created by Lacey Sawtell


2nd: Lace Bride designed and modelled by Chloe Hawks


Highly Commended:  My Body My Choice modelled by Meggan Gordon amd created by Meggan Gordon, Jamie Waterworth and Emma Kottmann.


A Touch of Class

1st: Prom Night modelled by Nataya Gnech and created by Diane Weber


2nd: Fashion on the Field designed and modelled by Maddison Hawks


Highly Commended: Aurora  designed and modelled by Klancie Sultman


Wearable Art

1st: CAP-tivated modelled by Cindy Cowell created by Glen Smith


2nd: Bird of Paradise designed and modelled by Kiarra Kelley


Highly Commended: Flight of Fantasy modelled by Heidi Hawks created by Lacey Sawtell



Judge: Nigel Munro-Wallis

(Judge’s comments in brackets)

100 Word Story

1st: Three Days by Sharyn Dent

2nd: Skyjacker by Angela Pennell

Highly Commended:  Australia Story Cloud by Wayne Pendleton

Short Story Open

1st:  On the Edge by Angela Pennell

2nd:  Volunteers by Tony Barnes 

Highly Commended:  The Choices We Make by Margaret Heath

Youth High School

1st: Panic by Zoe Meyer (Excellent storytelling and use of descriptive language)

2nd: Following the Positive by Chloe Hawksy (Clever insight and sensitivity into such a personal and emotional topic. )

Youth Primary School

1st: Drought by Lucy Wimmer   (A wonderful job of creating a rather desolate, sad place.)

2nd: The Way to Get out of Math by Matisse Zorzetto   (Wonderfully creative – very clever and interesting descriptions and setting.)

Highly Commended:  A Bees Life by Keira Baills   (Lots of great description and action.)

Highly Commended:  Life with Doxies by Montesa Smith  (Great description and relationships built between the characters.)

Special Mention:  Tarome Bushfire by Oliver Prickett  (The use of incorporated rhyme was very interesting and effective to covey emotion.)

Special Mention:  Drought by Elizabeth Hartmann  (The way the author used rhymes was very emotive and painted a sad picture of the drought.)

Poetry Open

1st: When Sophie Sang by Margaret Heath

2nd:  I heard the Koel Call  by Julie Vellacott

Highly Commended: Ten Little Fingers by Sharyn Dent


Judge: Penny Gale

Paint: Oil, watercolour or acrylic

1st: Darling Drive by Christine Parry
Bright morning light streaming on to country path in Witheren, Scenic Rim.

2nd:  Kingfisher by Chris O’Hare
Kingfisher amongst the flowers.

Highly Commended:  

Cow Buddies by Kristen Connell
Inspired by cows in the countryside of Purga and a love of these beautiful animals.

My Mum says I’m Handsome by Timothy Wood
Does a self-portrait have to look like me if nobody knows what I look like? I promise it does but I’ve been known to lie.

Mixed Media: More than one medium or material used

1st:   Ornithology by Glen Smith
Inspired by his love of flora and fauna, this artwork depicts the bird life that inhabits his own backyard.

2nd: Rhodes Grass at Templin by Nigel Gillespie
Oil on beeswax on Rag Paper.  Inspiration – Rhode Grass in a Paddock at Templin.

Highly commended: Busted by Ann Window
Outhouse busting.

Works on Paper: Pastels, pencil and ink

1st:  Emu by Ann Window
Pan pastel on paper.

2nd: A Charm of Finches by Maureen See.
The collective noun for a froup of finches is a charm of finches and these little birds are truly charming.

Highly Commended:
Hereford Bull by Ann Window
Pencil on colourfix.


1st: Making a Wish by Elizabeth Wieland
Beautiful galah that landed in our tree in the garden taking the time to groom itself.

2nd: Tea Trees in the Mist by Margaret Heath
3-panel photograph printed on canvas, brushed with clear acrylic. Soft misty light lends peaceful stillness unified by lines of bridge and colours of tea-trees.

Highly Commended: Flight Above by Mandy Stenton
The corellas were very interested when taking a photo of Moogerah Dam and Mount Greville.

3D: Sculpture, pottery, jewellery, felting and other art forms not attached to a board, canvas or paper

1st:  Mother and Daughter by Patrick Moore
A sculpture created from natural elements collected from his families country. It symbolises and celebrates the special bond of mother and daughter.

2nd: Dry Clean Only by Toni McIsaac
Toni acquired this old rusty stand and wondered if he could make a dress for it. He loves working with wood and finds that rusty bits and pieces fit well with wood and varnish.

Highly Commended: Ernie by Priscilla Lawrence
Painted, cut & reassembled the sky fabrics, cut out & collaged fabric gumleaves for feathers, painted the head & neck, then added intensive freehand machine-stitching.

First Timers: For adults only who have never entered this or any competition before. Any media.

Award: Woomera Skies by Colleen Butler
Colleen was hoping to convey the vastness and beauty of Woomera (SA) sky in this artwork

Award:  Goat by Barbara Graham.
Barbara used watercolour on scratchboard paper for her piece titled Goat.

Youth (Primary School): Any media of choice

1st:    Tea and Bikkies by James Davies
Created this ceramic earthenware pinch put cup and slab plate at the Clay Home studio in Boonah.

2nd:  Disappearing by Ella Maguire
This small artwork symbolises the decreasing habitats of our endangered native wildlife. If nothing is done they will disappear.

Highly commended: Flowers for Mum by Matisse Zorzetto

Highly commended: Paddock Cow by Blake Winks

Youth (High School): Any media of choice

1st:  15 cents by Naomi Hayton
The falacy of ‘saving the environment’ is highlighted by the dichotomy of fast fashion, paired with 15c re-usable plastic bags.  This outfit is made of 15c plastic bags on an op-shopped jacket.

2nd:  In the Course of Time by Jade Burns


People’s Choice

What’s Behind Window Number 4
Photograph by Grant Quinn


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