Ritchies Boonah Arts Festival

Presented by The Boonah & District Cultural Foundation Inc.

3-10 SEPTEMBER 2022

2021 Festival Award Winners


Judge: Dawn Jenner

Creative Kids

1st   Werewolf Prom – designed and modelled by Freyja Gordon


1st:  Sleep on It – Designed by Lacey Sawtell and modelled by Jo Williams


Highly Commended:  My Escape from Plain – Designed and modelled by Gayle Van Der Veen


A Touch of Class

1st: Cocktail Hour – Designed by Prudence Stewart, modelled by Sue Anne Chapman

Highly Commended:

Floral Fairytale – Designed by Kodi Sawtell, modelled by Nicole

Wearable Art

1st: Shape It – Designed by Lacey Sawtell and modelled by Maddison


2nd: Unframed – Designed and modelled by Glen Smith


Highly Commended: Call me Colour – Designed by Janelle Kelley, modelled by Mikaela Kelley


Judge: Roxane Scott

100-word Story

1st: Reverie by Angela Pennell

2nd: Show of Hands by Angela Pennell

Highly Commended: Gazebo by Toni Risson; Duranta Delight by Tony Barnes; A Woman’s Prerogative by Anne Andrew; Murder in the Library by Diana Hockley

Open Short Story

1st: Party Lights by Tony Barnes

2nd: O Tannenbaum by Anne Andrew

Highly Commended: Be the Light by Angela Pennell; House – Beach by Toni Risson; The Night of Lights by David Gates; The Great Pompydoo by Jan-Andrew Henderson

Youth Primary School

1st: Buffalo Territory by Chloe

2nd: At Night by Lewis Fahey

Poetry Open

1st: Silence Where? by Penny Wright

2nd: Blingless by Angela Pennell


Judge: Leanne Kelly

Paint: Oil, watercolour or acrylic

1st: Kalbar 1 by Nigel Gillespie
Scenic Rim Inspiration

2nd:  Fashion Icon by Tim Wood
Uses bold paint strokes and contrasting colours to evoke the sense of feminine power ascribed to the fashion icons of a bygone era.

Highly Commended:  

City Scene by Glen Perrem
Water colour – is a lot of fun because of its movement

Specium Jar by Glen Smith
This piece although beautiful has a serious message in that I believe that all wildlife has feelings and no person has the given rights to captivate a species for their joy. All wildlife need freedom to roam, we need to understand the concept of eco-system rather than destroying it for personal needs. Our fauna possess the right to be free in their natural habitat and not being captured inside a cage to live.

I See You by Colleen Gardener
While painting this from life, my friend’s cat came amd sat in on the act, so painted him in….my medium is oil

The Venetian Mask by Lyn Condon
Sentimental gifts, prized and kept in my cedar cupboard

Light Comes Creeping by Lyn Mason
Acrylic on canvas with fibre paste medium. I was inspired to paint this scene at Waterfall Creek, Maroon when the morning sun rays started finding their way through the gum trees and touched the undergrowth

Mixed Media: More than one medium or material used

1st:   Going in Circles by Glen Smith
After hosting and attending many workshops, this is a celebration of them. Every circle is a mini piece of art and represents workshops I have being involved in

2nd: Roses on Gold by Christine Parry
Gold leaf and oil on canvas

Works on Paper: Pastels, pencil and ink

1st:  Sundown from Green Hills Road, Boonah by Mark Lawrence
Soft pastel painting of the mountains under a cloudy sky towards sunset


2nd: Pure Joy by Jason Skewes
Soft pastels

Highly Commended:

Bees on a Thistle by Maureen See
Polychromos and Prismacolor pencils

Zebra by Christine Parry
Pastel on paper

A Future by Nika Norman
Pastel. The Plight of our native fauna especially the Koala has inspired me to draw and paint our endangered wildlife

Waiting for the Next Workday by Maleaka Bauer
I wanted to show the rustic but beautiful side of farming. This is all done by graphite pencil and eraser

Crimpy Cat by Helen Duffin
Soft pastel of 21 year old family cat

Strelitzias by Maureen See
Polychromos and Prismacolor pencils


1st: Morning Mist by Grant Quinn
Early morning and as the mist rises from the creek, what lies ahead is the beginning of a beautiful winters day


2nd: Haigh Park, Lake Moogerah by Jason Skewes
Pigment inks on Pro Lustre paper

Highly Commended:

Travelling by Julie Vellacott
Luggage lined up in a hotel hall represents the concept of travelling on

Morning Droplet by Mandy Stenton
Water droplets in the early mornings

Innocence by David Wall
Photo of a loved one

Self Service by Grant Quinn
With the days of full driveway service long gone, a few remnants remain that give a glimpse of what it was like when the choice was just Super or Standard

Fragile is Nature by Peter Van Der Veen
Burrum Heads NP Woodgate QLD

3D: Sculpture, pottery, jewellery, felting and other art forms not attached to a board, canvas or paper

1st:  Wedge Tail Eagle Dreaming by Patrick Moore
Tells the story of my home on the Clarence river in Tabulam. The mighty eagle gazes on the earth below in their home in the air under the eternal night sky

2nd: Behind These Eyes by Sophia Barns
‘Behind These Eyes’ was created to express the symphony of emotions that run wild in my head daily. I struggle to control my feelings which leads to me either riding on the highs of life or sinking dangerously low. The human mind is sophisticated, dangerous, intelligent and works both with and against our will.

Highly Commended: Picasso in Flight by Priscilla Lawrence
Fabric collage of our parrot Picasso on a background I hand painted. Extensively stitched with freehand machine quilting (not computerised) on a domestic sewing machine.

First Timers: For adults only who have never entered this or any competition before. Any media.

Award: Reginald by Racheal McNiven
Pen on paper drawing of my dog

Award: It’s Electric by Desley Agnoletto
The colours are too vibrant to be hidden behind walls.Electrical tape does not need to be used only be electricians.

Award: Koi Fish by Trevor Klan
Acrylic Paint

Youth (High School): Any media of choice

1st:    Lila by Jade Burns
I have experimented using acrylic and water colour paints


Youth (Primary School): Any media of choice

1st:  Highway by AJ
Driving the Highway

 2nd:  Chaos by AJ
I like drawing random lines

Highly Commended: Wolves at Midnight by Ella Maguire
A picture of wolves howling at night

People’s Choice

Tina Rouvray with her photograph Coloured Sands
The ravages of the coastline at Coloured Sands


The Ritchies Boonah Arts Festival is about promoting the cultural heart of the community. It gives everyone an opportunity to display their talent in the art, writing, and fashion competitions, or on stage in lively and entertaining shows.


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