Ritchies Boonah Arts Festival

Presented by The Boonah & District Cultural Foundation Inc.

3-10 SEPTEMBER 2022

2020 Festival Award Winners


Judge: Wendy Lohman

Fictional Characters

1st: designer & model, Ashe Lawrance – Little Red

Highly Commended: Designer Lacey Sawtell, model Sylvie Phillips – Fairy


1st: Designer Prudence Stewart, model Mary Gasteen – Love Linen


2nd: Designer Jo Williams, model Bev Wiggington – The Denim Pinny


Highly Commended: Designer Prudence Steward, model Tiah Churchward – Love That Style


A Touch of Class

1st: Designer Sarah Greenwell, model Emily Hancock – Lost in Space


2nd: Designer Sarah Greenwell, model Charlize Twaddle  – Black and Red

Highly Commended: Designer and model Jessica Hunsperger  – Heroine of Whmsy


Wearable Art

1st: Designer Lacey Sawtell, model Tiah Churchward – Talk of the Town

Highly Commended: Designer Glen Smith and Tania Dawydenko, model Tania – Springtime


Judge: Roxane Scott  (Comments in brackets)

100-word Story

1st:  Kleptomanic Blues by Ange Pennell  (Very clever use of imagery and the habits of the bower bird)

2nd: Stuff by Ange Pennell (I sympathised)

Open Short Story

1st:  The Petticoat  by Anne Andrew  (Well structured. Kept me engrossed to the end which was just as a short story should end. I wanted more.)

2nd:   A Morning of Mime & Nuance by Jo Williams  (I laughed out loud and was also struck by how the writer captured those small moments of life that make travel a rich fabric.)

Highly Commended:  No Grit, No Pearl by Ange Pennell  (What a life.)


High School Short Story

1st: Dragon Dreams by Brianna Swinton  (Very clever ending and well written with some lovely imagery and fantasy.)

2nd:  Derailed by Claira Ruthenberg (A sanguine tale.)


1st:  A New Friend by Gayle Flynn  (Poignant)

2nd:  Cracker Night by Ange Pennell  (A really good bush poem.)

Highly Commended:  Brain Freeze Aisle 7 by Anne Andrew  (I had to agree with the sentiment and had a chuckle.)


(Except for the “People’s Choice” the comments are by the judge, Michael Wardell)

Paint: Oil, watercolour or acrylic

1st:  Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue by Wayne Boyle

Excellent handling of the medium in all three works by this artist. This workbench one stood out because of its unusual grid-like composition.

2nd:  Making Tomato Relish by Glen Smith

Another beautifully painted work with unusual composition and inventive cast of characters for a still life.

Highly Commended:   Banksia Banquet by Colleen Gardener

Highly Commended:   Jamaican Stallion by Kathleen Hicks (Rasta horse made me laugh)

Highly Commended:    Justin by Christine Parry

Mixed Media: More than one medium or material used

1st:    Tangiers Meets Boonah by Britney Scholl & Angus Mcdiarmid

This would have been my ‘Best in show’ choice if there was such a prize. A really wonderful, complicated and intricate composition with a truly beautiful sense of colour.

2nd: Bees by Glen Smith

Works on Paper: Pastels, pencil and ink

1st:   Cluttery by Leigh-Ann Hargreaves

A skilful combination of realism with abstract composition.

2nd:   A Collection of Capsicum by Maureen See

Very accomplished drawing and interesting composition – I kept inventing stories about their relationship with each other. (Is green a little insecure next to the rather grand red and yellow?)

Highly Commended:  Precious Stones by Nika Norman


1st: TREEmendous by Peter Van Der Veen

In the strongest category this year, this work stood out because of its clear focus, beautiful lighting and wonderful diagonals in the overall composition. It also is so indicative of the area.

2nd: Damn by Grant Quinn

Playful composition and nostalgic look back at modernist photography of the 30s.

Highly Commended:   Baby Owls by Mandy Streeting

Highly Commended:    Discarded by Grant Quinn

Highly Commended:   Weathered Pots by Grant Quinn   

3D: Sculpture, pottery, jewellery, felting and other art forms not attached to a board, canvas or paper

1st:  Strength and Spirit by Justin Allan

Skillful plaster of horses appearing as if emerging from stone. A clear winner in this category. Works visually from all angles.

2nd:   There’s More To Me by Penelope Wright

Abstract carving with driftwood base. Would have been more successful if carved to be viewed on both sides.

First Timers: For adults only who have never entered this or any competition before. Any media.

Award: Heavy Metal by David Wall

Award: Chesire Cat Mail Box by Jim Ryan


Youth (High School): Any media of choice

1st:    Fragmenting Time by Claira Ruthenberg

Highly inventive use of collage in layers. A COVID19 nightmare perhaps!

 2nd: Sunset Water Reflection by Melanie Fox

Beautiful landscape photograph with successful visual twist in reflection.

Highly Commended:    Cania Moon by Caitlin Birch

Youth (Primary School): Any media of choice

1st:  Sunny Love by Tyler Costin

2nd:  Complex Mind by Tyler Costin

People’s Choice

Banksia Bouquet by Colleen Gardner

This was an outright winner with a clear majority of votes.


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